Andrey Bondarovich

Andrey Bondarovich. A main guide, the head of direction is active tours. Traveler, geographer, the candidate of geographical Sciences. Since 1993, he has accumulated the experience in organizing of expeditionary trips in Altay, Sayans, Western and Eastern Tannu-Ola, Tien Shan, Harz, Schwarzwald and Alps. He took part in research projects' of mountainous countries with the universities of Dresden, Halle, Munster, Marburg, Munich (Germany). The research interest is concentrated in the border area of geography and psychology. Central themes are: «The mental aspect as a factor of emergencies situations in the spare of mountain countries» and «Religious-mystical practices in traditional cultures of mountain territories». He was born the 27th of March in 1971. He graduated Altay State University in 1993. Andrey Bondarovich works at the Chair of recreation and tourism. He had experience of work as a guide and a manager in a travel company. He has second category in mountaineering. Andrey Bondarovich undergoed on-the-job training in travel agencies in Germany and Holland. He speaks German. He plays a guitar. Andrey Bondarovich manages of projects in Europe, Altay and Nepal.

Date: 01.12.23