Expeditions | Jeeping hollow of the drainless lakes of Mongolia
Altai - Mongolia | The expedition to Western Mongolia (jeeptour, photography)

Mongolia is a region of sun, wind, blue sky and vast expanses giving a feeling of complete freedom. To learn the spirit of nomadic Asia, to feel the taste of adventure in isolation from civilization – invites you the club of travelers "Altai-guide". A team of professional guides will make the tour interesting, comfortable and as secure as possible.

  • familiarity with the culture and nature of Western Mongolia;
  • visiting the drainless hollow of the Great Lakes of Mongolia;
  • Altai - acquaintance with the Chuiskiy tract;
  • adventure in the Mongol-Els Desert.
DURATION: 13 days / 12 nights
  • journey through Altai and Western Mongolia;
  • panoramas of the largest lakes: Ubsu-Nur, Achit-Nur, Khargas-Nur, Durgun-Nur;
  • autonomous expedition in one of the most inaccessible areas of Central Asia;
  • the famous sands of Mongol-Els;
  • adventure in Mongolia on the expedition SUVs;
  • the nomadic life of Central Asia.
The period: jun - sep
1450 per person
Members in a group:
min  3 max  6
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Project manager Dmitry Yurochkin

Western Mongolia is a mysterious land, of which many don’t know a word. Often this area is associated with a boring and monotonous landscape. We hasten to assure: «This is not so!» And this route is proof of this. The contrast of successive landscapes in this journey is worthy to call it exotic: snow caps of mountain peaks, boundless steppes, sandy deserts with barkhans, largest lakes, mountain and plain rivers, passes. This unique expeditionary tour covers the entire hollow of the drainless lakes of Mongolia. We will see all the largest lakes in the country, there will be 8 of them on our way! In addition, we will see and experience the life of real nomads. We will visit the places where the greatest empire of all times and peoples began to be formed — the Mongol Empire, the empire of Genghis Khan.

  • DAY
  • 1
    Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk, meeting at the airport / railway station. Transfer to the Yaloman River. Overnight in tents on the bank of the river;
  • 2
    Afternoon excursion. Transfer to the Chuiskaya steppe. Overnight in tents;
  • 3
    Border crossing. Transfer to Lake Achit-Nuur. Overnight in tents;
  • 4
    A short walk in the morning. Lunch in the Mongolian village. Overnight in tents on the shore of Lake Uregh-Nuur;
  • 5
    Transfer to Ulangom. Purchase of products and fuel. Lunch at the cafe. A short drive to Lake Ubsu-Nuur . Overnight in tents;
  • 6
    Walking along the shore of the lake. Transfer to the village of Naranbulak. Transfer to Lake Hjargas-Nuur. Overnight in tents;
  • 7-8
    Crossing the Great Lakes basin. Around the dry riverbeds and sands. Overnight in tents on the bank of Lake Durgun-Nuur;
  • 9
    Afternoon excursion to the sand dunes of the Mongol Els Desert. Transfer to the city of Khovd, purchase of products. Overnight on the river bank in tents;
  • 10
    Crossing the Buratyn-Daba Pass. Descent to the basin of Lake Tolbo-Nuur. Overnight in tents;
  • 11
    A short transfer. Border crossing. We’ll move to the Kuray steppe. Overnight in tents on the river bank;
  • 12
    Moving along the Chuysky tract. Lunch at the cafe. Dinner, rest, banya. Overnight in summer houses on the campsite;
  • 13
    Breakfast. Transfer to the Gorno-Altaisk airport.

  • All SUVs transfers;
  • food in expeditionary conditions;
  • expedition support: two guides / driver;
  • accommodation at the tourist camp Altai-Guide;
  • recreational fees, permits to enter environmental zones;
  • transfer by a motorboat (launch) across the Teletskoye Lake;
  • medical insurance;
The organizer provides:
  • sleeping bag size M-XL;
  • tents for 2-person;
  • Heat-insulating mat;
  • group tent (10-15 seats);
  • bivouac furniture (tables, chairs);
  • individual set of dishes;
  • satellite communication \\\"Iridium\\\";
  • first aid kit;
  • brand T-shirts.
Additional expenses
  • use of satellite communication (2 euro/1 min.);
  • ialcoholic and soft drinks;
  • meals in cafes, restaurants, canteens;
  • souvenirs.
Equipment for personal use (you should take it with you):
  • warm jacket, gloves and hat for cool weather;
  • footwear for light trekking;
  • light jacket and trousers to protect from rain and wind (from the membrane);
  • summer sneakers, sandals or flip-flops;
  • headlamp (+batteries);
  • cap, shorts and t-shirt for warm sunny weather;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • medicines for individual use;
  • sunglasses and sun protection cream.

All the equipment you are interested in can
be purchased from us with 15% discount or rent.


Steppes, deserts and mountains prepare participants for different weather. The territory of Central Asia during this period is under the influence of the Asian anticyclone, there is dry, warm weather. Daytime temperatures range from +15 +27, at night +8 +12. In the mountains it is possible to change the weather to cyclonic, rain, wind for a short period of time.


The expedition tour is conducted under the guidance of experienced travelers-guides. Expedition conditions imply neglect of comfort. Members of the group should be in a good fit. All tourists should help with campsite. Everyone should have a consultation with a doctor.


Considering the long length of dirt roads and off-road sections, the distance from the public roads, in the schedule of the expedition could be changes and actions on the situation are possible. The senior guide daily determines the day\\\'s runs and the route based on weather conditions and terrain features.

Participant's travel report
|Лариса Васильева

Огорчило только то, что все так быстро закончилось… Единственное пожелание фирме-расширить географию туров. Всей вашей команде удачи!


Altai - Mongolia | The expedition to Western Mongolia (jeeptour, photography)
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