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Altai | Belukha mount – trekking to base camp (trekking, walking)

Trekking to Belukha with the Traveler's Club "Altai-guide" is a tour under the guidance of professional guides. We have accumulated experience of conducting hikes of high complexity in the mountains of Altai, Tuva, Tien-Shan, Pamir and the Himalayas. Now we want to transfer our knowledge and experience of traveling to you and transfer them in the most picturesque area of Altai. The valleys of the Akkem and the Kucherla rivers of the Katunsky Range have long been chosen by tourists from all over the world, now it\\\'s your turn to leave a part of your heart here.

  • walk to Lake Akkem (2100 metres a.s.l.), view of the highest peak of Altai - Belukha Mountain (4506 meters above sea level);
  • test your strength on an active route in the highlands;
  • climb to the foot of Belukha on the Akkem Glacier.
DURATION: 12 days / 11 nights

Attention: foreigners must have a permit in the frontier zone. It takes 60 days!

  • walk to the foot of Belukha;
  • the golden ring of Altai: Lake Kucherlinskoe and Lake Akkemskoe;
  • the famous Karatyurek Pass, a panorama of the Belukha Massif;
  • descent along the Akkem River through the Kuzuyak Pass.
The period: jun - sep
1350 per person
Members in a group:
min  4 max  8
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Project manager Andrey Bondarovich

Belukha is the sacred and the highest peak of Altai. The beauty of its top has not left anyone indifferent. The foot of the mountain — the area of Lake Akkem — is often called the Russian Shambhala — a mysterious country called Belovodie. Namely Belukha and adjacent areas were sung in his work by Nicholas Roerich. To look at this sacral peak, hidden from human eyes far beyond the spurs of the Katunsky Range, it is necessary to perform a complex trekking on Belukha, having crossed many kilometers along mountain trails. Trekking at a height of 1500 to 3000 meters, moderate loads and an excellent company will make your vacation unforgettable, and seen with your own eyes can not be compared with the photos or videos you saw before. We hope that the trekking with the team of the «Altai-guide» travel club will become one of the most joyful and bright events of your life!

  • DAY
  • 1
    Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk, meeting at the airport / railway station. Moving to the village of Tungur;
  • 2
    The first day of trekking, crossing the Kucherla River valley;
  • 3
    Trekking to lake Kucherlinskoe, setting up a tent camp;
  • 4
    Day of rest. Radial walks in the Kucherlinsky Lake area;
  • 5-6
    Overcoming the pass Kara-Turek. Panorama of Belukha, descent to lake Akkem;
  • 7
    Rest on lake Akkem. Radial walks: the Jarlu valley, the Akkem glacier;
  • 8
    Trekking along the Akkem river valley, setting up a camp on a cozy glade;
  • 9
    Descent along the valley of the Akkem River, before the ascent to the Kuzuyak Pass;
  • 10
    Crossing the Kuzuyak Pass. Overnight on the bank of the Kucherla river;
  • 11
    End the active part of the route. Moving to Rybalka village, camping accommodation;
  • 12
    Airport transfer.

  • transfer on SUVs: Gorno-Altaysk - Kycherla - Gorno-Altaisk;
  • guide services;
  • rent of equipment;
  • accommodation in lodges in Tungur;
  • accommodation in lodges in Rybalka;
  • 2 banyas during the route (Lake Akkem, Rybalka);
  • essential products for the travel;
  • rent of pack horses;
  • medical insurance;
  • meeting and departure in airport of Gorno-Altaysk.
The organizer provides:
  • sleeping bags Bask -30C;
  • tents for 2-person Bask SHARK FIN FLAP;
  • heat-insulating mat;
  • awning 6x4 metres Bask canopy;
  • first aid kit.
Additional expenses
  • souvenirs;
  • alcohol drinks;
  • snacks (sweets, muesli, bars of chocolate, nuts etc.).
Equipment for personal use (you should take it with you):
  • trekking boots;
  • backpack (60-80 liters);
  • warm jacket with a hood with a feather or synthetic filler;
  • windbreaker and windproof and waterproof trousers/pants;
  • warm sweaters and trousers from Polartec;
  • thermal underwear;
  • cap;
  • gloves;
  • trekking sticks;
  • suncream (protection factor isn\\\'t less than 30);
  • headlamp;
  • sunglasses;
  • thermos;
  • summer clothes: a cap, trousers, shorts, T-shirts, sandals.

All the equipment you are interested in can
be purchased from us with 15% discount or rent.


Summer in the Katynskiy Ridge is stable and sunny: daytime temperature is + 20 + 23, at night its + 10 + 12. Temperature of 2000 m or more metres is + 11 + 18, active sun, the temperature below zero at night perhaps.


The trekking is of the guidance of experienced travelers. But you should remember about your own physical form. You should help for wood, tourists stand their own tents themselves, food is cooked by the whole team under the guidance of the guide, on a bonfire or gas. You should have a doctor's appointment before travel. You should have a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis. Expeditionary conditions!


The route of the expedition passes in highlands, the group moves according of weather conditions and daily plan. Base camp, wood, food are in the evening.

Participant's travel report
|Николай Неведров

Как встать с дивана и начать жить активно. Пешеходный тур к Белухе — первый этап подготовки к восхождению на вершину.


Altai | Belukha mount – trekking to base camp (trekking, walking)
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