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Altai | A great trip to Altai: the Teletskoye lake - the Chulyshman river – the Katun river rafting (off-road tour, rafting)
In the full sense - it’s the expedition tour! The route of travel is compiled so as to give the most complete picture of the nature and culture of Altai. Known all over the world Teletskoye Lake - the pearl of Altai, a giant reservoir with the purest water, rocky banks covered with dense taiga, store many secrets; amazing in beauty and scale canyon of the river Chulyshman, in some areas the difference in altitude is more than 700 meters! The first part of the route is a smooth dip and acquaintance with the region, the second part is a real adventure on the legendary river. The rafting on Katun lasts for several days - it's an unforgettable experience, filled with extreme. All day you will be on the water, and spend the night on the beach. The program of this trip includes everything. You need to take with you only the desire to travel and a good mood.
  • acquaintance with the nature and culture of Altai;
  • rafting in a team with professional guides;
  • journey through the Chuysky tract.
DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights
  • see unforgettable views: the Teletskoye lake, the сanyon of the Chulyshman River, the famous Katu-Yaryk Pass, the Uchar Falls - the largest cascading waterfall in Altai;
  • walk to the Akkorum natural boundary (which is popularly called «Stone mushrooms»);
  • go on a motorboat (launch) across the Teletskoye Lake;
  • raft on the Katun River (the passage of the popular river rapids «Ilgumen», «Shabash», «Kadrinskaya pipe»).
The period: Jun-sep
1250 per person
Members in a group:
min  4 max  6
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Project manager Dmitry Yurochkin

Travel through Altai for a week and visit almost everywhere?! The task is not easy, but it is quite possible. In a team with professional guides and for seven days you can see a lot. The route of the expedition tour passes through the most beautiful and significant areas of Altai: the Teletskoye Lake, the Canyon of the Chulyshman River, the panorama of the Severo-Chuyskiy Range and the fascinating rafting on the cult river of Altai — Katun. The format of the organization and the team of guides working on the route is traditionally for the Altai-guide club at the highest level.

  • DAY
  • 1
    Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk. Transfer to the Teletskoye Lake, then - transfer by motorboat across the lake. Overnight near the Chulyshman river;
  • 2
    Radial walks to the Akkorum natural boundary and the Uchar Falls;
  • 3
    Crossing the Katu-Yaryk pass, Chuysky tract. Breaking a camp on the bank of the Katun River, getting ready for rafting;
  • 4
    The first day of rafting (rafting begins from the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers). Overnight in Saldjar;
  • 5
    Activity on the water: the passage of the popular river rapids «Ilgumen», «Kadrinskaya pipe»;
  • 6
    The passage of the river rapid «Shabash»; overnight in the tents on the picturesque bank of the Katun river;
  • 7
    The passage of the river rapid «Ayulinsky». Stoppage on the belterutoyk falls on a big sand beach. Lunch. In the afternoon - transfer to a tourist camp. Rest, dinner;
  • 8
    Breakfast. Transfer to the Gorno-Altaisk airport.
Altai big water - Katun river 2016

  • transfers on the efficient expedition minibuses;
  • all permits/passes;
  • expedition support: guides, driver;
  • meals;
  • medical insurance;
  • accommodation at a tourist camping in the Rybalka village (near Gorno-Altaisk);
  • bathhouse (in Russian - «banja»).
The organizer provides:
  • group tent (10-15 seats);
  • sleeping bags (-20C);
  • 2-person tents;
  • heat-insulating mat;
  • individual set of dishes;
  • campfire set
  • raft for participants;
  • cargo raft;
  • catamaran providing insurance;
  • Rafting equipment set;
  • tables, chairs and other bivouac furniture;
  • radiostations, satellite communication "Iridium"
  • first aid kit;
  • brand T-shirts.
Additional expenses
  • soft drinks and alcohol;
  • individual snacks: «pocket food» (muesli, energy chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruits);
  • meals in cafes and canteens along the road;
  • satellite connection;
  • souvenirs.
Equipment for personal use (you should take it with you):
  • warm jacket, gloves and hat for cool weather;
  • footwear (boots) for light trekking;
  • light jacket and trousers to protect from rain and wind (from the membrane);
  • summer sneakers, sandals or flip-flops;
  • shoes for rafting;
  • cap, shorts and t-shirt for warm sunny weather;
  • headlamp (+batteries);
  • personal hygiene products;
  • medicines for individual use;
  • sunglasses and sun protection cream.

All the equipment you are interested in can
be purchased from us with 15% discount or rent.


The weather is stable: sunny and dry. During the day the temperature will be +18 +24С, at night the contrast is small + 10 + 14С. On the water part of the program: at day +22 +30C, at night +18 +22C. A slight chance of precipitation, a strong wind is possible.


The expedition is managed by travelers who have extensive experience. We recommend the thick-borne encephalitis vaccine and the doctor's consultation.


The tour route and schedules of movement can change in view of unpredictability of weather conditions and inaccessibility of the district. The head of the expedition daily determines the route according to the situation and weather conditions.

Participant's travel report
|Андрей Котляр

Нам с женой Еленой по 55 лет, и, конечно, мы волновались, сумеем ли выдержать спартанские условия и физические нагрузки. За 24-летнего сына волновались поменьше. Друзья мои, мы всё прошли, выдержали, ничего не сокращали и не отменяли.


Altai | A great trip to Altai: the Teletskoye lake - the Chulyshman river – the Katun river rafting (off-road tour, rafting)
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