Revie. Pamir - roof of the world 2019 (jeeptour, photography)

When I was reviewing the photos of our Pamir tour, I realized how many different sceneries we had seen within the two weeks of the journey: impressive, extraordinary, exotic — or just beautiful. If you decide to go for such a tour, you should know that the cruising speed is totally different from what you might be used to in Europe. As a consequence, you spend much time in the car (from where you have ample time to enjoy the scenery) and you cannot travel very far in one day. I especially enjoyed the nights in the tent. Dima is a very skilled and experienced guide. You can be sure that he knows every place that makes a nice campground and where to find the best local food. In short: this tour is a great experience and worth every Euro that you pay!

Date: 14.07.24