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Altai | Great expedition to Altai (off-road vehicles tour, ethnography, photography, rafting)

The Ukok plateau is a mysterious area in the south-east of Altai, high in the mountains. These names are known far beyond the country. The participants of the expedition tour have a great opportunity to see and understand themselves, and a team of professional guides will help in this and make the journey informative, comfortable and as safe as possible.

  • bath in the famous healing spring «Jumalinski klyuchi»;
  • see unforgettable views of Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola («five sacred summits»);
  • rafting in a team with professional guides;
  • journey through the Chuysky tract.
DURATION: 17 days / 16 nights

Attention: you need a pass to the border zone! An application for a pass must be submitted to the authorities not later than 60 days before the beginning of the expedition!

    • rafting on the Katun River (the passage of the popular river rapids);
    • acquaintance with the culture and nature of Central Asia;
    • visiting the plateau Ukok;
    • making photo and video.
The period: jul - sep
2240 per person
Members in a group:
min  3 max  10
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Project manager Dmitry Yurochkin

Эта поездка — одна из самых контрастных и загадочных! Маршрут будет интересен тем, кто интересуется пейзажной фотографией, историей, географией и просто любит приключения. Все это ждет вас в южной части Алтая …..там, где сходятся границы России, Монголии, Казахстана и Китая. Плато Укок является священным местом силы для монгольских и китайских буддистов с древних времен. Здесь есть естественная граница, проходящая через самые высокие точки рельефа, это великий Азиатский водораздел между обширными безводными районами Средней Азии и бассейном Северного Ледовитого океана … панорама Северо-Чуйского хребта и увлекательный сплав по культовой реке Алтай — Катунь. Формат организации и команды гидов, работающих на маршруте, традиционно для клуба «Алтай-гид» на самом высоком уровне.

  • DAY
  • 1
    Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk. Lunch at the cafe. Move to the village of Kosh-Agach. Dinner. Overnight at a tourist camp;
  • 2
    Drive along a mountain road to Zhumalinsky springs. Lunch. Bathing in the springs. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 3
    Moving along a difficult mountain road through the Teply Klyuch pass. Setting up a base camp on the Ukok plateau. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 4
    Rest day on the Ukok plateau. Short walks excursions on off-road vehicles. Lunch. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 5
    Moving along a difficult road to the village of Jazator. Lunch is a picnic. Dinner. Banya. Overnight at a tourist camp;
  • 6
    Drive along a very beautiful mountain road. Lunch is a picnic. packing personal items on horses. Trekking. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 7
    Trekking on a mountain trail in the valley of the Argut river. Lunch is a picnic. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 8
    Trekking on a mountain trail in the valley of the Argut River. Lunch is a picnic. Trekking to the Bartuldak River. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 9
    Trekking on a mountain trail to the Suluayra River. Lunch is a picnic. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 10
    Trekking on a mountain trail in the Tekelu river valley. Lunch is a picnic. Trekking to the Akkem River. Dinner. Banya. Overnight at a campsite;
  • 11
    Rest day. Walking to Akkem Lake and Akkem Glacier. Lunch is a picnic. Dinner. Overnight at a campsite;
  • 12
    The final day of trekking. Lunch is a picnic. In the evening a short drive along a bad road to the village of Tyungur. Dinner, banya. Accommodation at a tourist camp;
  • 13
    Drive off-road vehicles to the start of rafting. Lunch at the cafe. The first day of rafting on Katun. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 14
    Active rafting on Katun. Passing thresholds. Lunch is a picnic. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 15
    Active rafting on Katun. Passing thresholds. Lunch is a picnic. Dinner. Overnight in tents;
  • 16
    The final day of rafting. After lunch, drive off-road to a camping site. Festive dinner;
  • 17
    Breakfast. Transfer to the airport of Gorno-Altaysk.
Adventure trip to the Ukok Plateau - Teletskoye Lake

  • meeting and departure in airport of Gorno-Altaysk;
  • transfers on SUVs (TOYOTA 78, Mitsubishi);
  • guide services;
  • double accommodation at all tourist campsites along the route;
  • food in expeditionary conditions;
  • rent of pack horses;
  • medical insurance;
  • permits to the border zone;
  • permits to national parks.
The organizer provides:
  • group tent (10-15 seats);
  • sleeping bags (-20C);
  • 2-person tents;
  • heat-insulating mat;
  • dishes;
  • tables, chairs and other bivouac furniture;
  • campfire set;
  • two rafts for participants;
  • catamaran providing insurance;
  • rafting equipment set;
  • radiostations, satellite communication "Iridium";
  • first aid kit;
  • brand T-shirts.
Additional expenses
  • issuing an invitation for a visa;
  • alcohol;
  • individual snacks;
  • satellite connection;
  • souvenirs.
Equipment for personal use (you should take it with you):
  • warm jacket, gloves and hat for cool weather;
  • footwear for light trekking;
  • light jacket and trousers to protect from rain and wind (from the membrane);
  • summer sneakers, sandals or flip-flops;
  • headlamp (+batteries);
  • cap, shorts and t-shirt for warm sunny weather;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • medicines for individual use;
  • sunglasses and sun protection cream.

All the equipment you are interested in can
be purchased from us with 15% discount or rent.


During the summer months the temperature in the Ukok plateau is usually +16 +22C, the wind with variable force, at night the temperature drops to +6 +8C, possibly a drop to 0 -3C, with clearings. Over the territory of Central Altai, there is a stable anticyclone: dry and sunny weather, in the afternoon +22 +25С, at night +12 +16С.


The expedition is managed by travelers who have extensive experience. Participants take places in the salon of the expedition cars. We recommend the thick-borne encephalitis vaccine and the doctor's consultation.


The tour route and schedules of movement can change in view of unpredictability of weather conditions and inaccessibility of the district. The head of the expedition daily determines the route according to the situation and weather conditions.

Participant's travel report
| Erika u. Peter Jost

Ich öffne den Reißverschluss meines Zeltes u. schlage die taufeuchte Plane zurück. Mein Blick fällt auf die kleinen Zelte meiner Mitreisenden u. auf das große Küchenzelt, in dem es schon verheißungsvoll klappert. Man schält sich aus den warmen Schlafsäcken- es hatte Minusgrade in der Nacht — u. begibt sich zur Katzenwäsche an den Fluss mit milchigweißem eiskalten Gletscherwasser.


Altai | Great expedition to Altai (off-road vehicles tour, ethnography, photography, rafting)
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